Throwback Thursday: Footsteps from North Brentwood

Brentwood30North Brentwood community member conducting tour of exhibition, 1996.  Anacostia Community Museum Archives, Smithsonian Institution.

Footsteps from North Brentwood, an exhibition which documented the growth and development of the first municipality in Prince Georges County, Maryland incorporated by African American citizens, opened on July 12, 1996 at the Anacostia Community Museum.  The show was developed by the museum in collaboration  with the North Brentwood Historical Society.  It included a collection of photographs, documents, and artifacts collected by the North Brentwood Historical Society over a three year period.  In addition, the exhibit featured oral history interviews with community members which speak to individual remembrances of growing up in North Brentwood.

Besides historical photographs and documents, Footsteps from North Brentwood exhibition records also contain portraits of community members taken by museum photographer.


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