Bruce McNeil


Artist Statement

For the last 15 years, my environmental photography has been in the forefront of emphasizing the plight of the environment with a distinct perspective. Like my unique painterly abstract expressionism images, the environmental photographs are symbolic Revelations and Evocations of what the future will be and how we see it is now.


The two treasures of Southeast are the environment and the people who live here. Environmentalists have noted that the Anacostia River is one of the “most polluted rivers” in America. My ultimate goal is to strive for a clean river. If the river is ill then the community will continue to be ill.

My objective is to illustrate the paradox of beauty in non-heroic landscapes that is a poetic term for desolated or unattractive neighborhoods that many have called ghettoes. As a resident (Ward 7) of where the largest green spaces are located, it is imperative to me that heroes come from this side of the river.

Positive imagery can be a means of expression for beauty and spiritual transformation about a serious topic—pollution!!



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