Sara Jane Goodwin

Artist Bio

Born in St. Louis. Has been a resident of Washington, DC, for several decades. Retired federal employee from the Census Bureau. Took up quilting – and family history research — in the mid-1980’s with her daughter, Maria. Has been a VIARC/ Smithsonian Volunteer since the 1970s. She & her daughter were VIARC’s FIRST mother/daughter volunteer pair when they started in the 70s. Is a member of the Daughters of Dorcas & Sons Quilt Guild, and the National Quilting Association.

Artist Statement

“Fractured Light” is an example of my interest in patchwork quilting, using a small palette of colors. “Missouri Heart-Warmers”, and “Petals”, reflects my growing interest in working with appliqué using fusible materials, and my desire to collect and display my family history in a form beyond words. The “bookcase” of my childhood memories and family history was done several years ago, but I remain fascinated by this form and am planning more, but smaller, pieces with my daughter as an ongoing series, titled “Shelf-Life”. These will include life in Washington, DC – most of it spent east of the river.

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