Urban Ecology

Urban Ecology

The Anacostia Community Museum (ACM) is developing a long term research and educational initiative that focuses on urban environments. The initiative connects scholars, researchers, and community activists in exploring ways to establish the fullest context and understanding of issues facing urban communities and their environments. The project brings together those who share interests in environmental justice, civic engagement, ecological conservation, and community development.

Through community forums, surveys of residents, and focus groups, community stakeholders will explore together topics relating to urban environments, involve community activists in research and design, and consult with leading figures locally and nationally. Beginning with our Reclaiming the Edge exhibition, the ACM has embarked on a multi-year, multi-city examination of the ways urban rivers mark and create social and geographic space.



[apane title=”Reclaiming the Edge: Urban Waterways and Civic Engagement”]This initiative looks at urban waterways, including rivers, their watersheds, and creeks and streams, with a particular focus on the Anacostia River. The project goal is to reinforce a sense of citizens’ ownership and responsibility for urban waterways that will lead to direct action and to improvement of waterways in any neighborhood. Lessons learned from this project will also inform other efforts at civic engagement with rivers in historic and newly developing urban areas worldwide.

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