Community History

As a steward of community and family history, the Anacostia Community Museum regularly partners with community historians, scholars, and students. These partnerships provide an outlet for the work of these civic-minded individuals while assisting the museum in its efforts to fulfill its mission. This section features the work of our community documentation partners as they share stories of their challenges and successes in broadening the dissemination of their research and interpretation efforts. This section includes short films, audio recordings, electronic presentations, and writings relevant to community history.



 Please view “The Only People in Town,” a short film produced in partnership with the American University School of Communication Center for Community Voice.


 “Caroline Terry Remembered,” a mini-documentary researched, filmed, and edited by the Anacostia Community Museum.





[accordion/[apane title=”Portia James, East of the River Article”]Portia James, “‘The most pleasant and healthful place in all the country’: The History of Settlement and Land Use along the Eastern Branch” in East of the River: Continuity and Change, pgs. 18-49.
Read More [/apane]


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