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August 15th Urban Waterways community forum


Diversifying the Green Movement

Saturday, August 15th

2-4pm ACM Program Room

image courtesy Robert Garcia, The City Project

This forum aims to bring residents together to explore the traditional image of environmentalists, the assumptions made about communities of color in regards to environmental and sustainability issues, and the truth behind such prejudgments. Do minorities feel represented? Is there a lack of trust between traditional environmentalists and communities of color? How do communities define environmentalism and their relationships to urban waterways? What steps have been taken to make the table more inclusive? What are the possible social and political consequences of such inclusion?


Vernice Miller-Travis, Skeo Solutions


Omar Bagnied, Green Muslims

Dennis Chestnut, Groundwork Anacostia River, DC

Mike Ewall, Energy Justice Network

Beth Lynk, NAACP, DC Branch

Vaughn Perry, Anacostia Watershed Society


Anacostia Community Museum

1901 Fort Place, SE

Washington, DC 20020

To register please call  202-633-4844